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What is The SpineFIX all about?

The SpineFIX is a comprehensive and structured treatment plan designed to back and neck pain. This innovative program addresses and treats the various causes of a patient's pain through a unique and complete treatment plan created just for you.

The repetitive spinal movements that we perform every day can cause back and neck pain. These daily repetitive movements of the spinal joints, ligaments, nerves, and muscles begin a slow and benign, but cumulative, process of inflammation and damage to the neck and back. The collective effect of micro-damage to the spinal tissues goes unnoticed until the chronic inflammatory process suddenly causes the sensation of pain. Most treatments for neck and back pain fail because they only treat the pain and not the cause. The cause of pain is due to the cumulative layers of inflammation and damage that occur to the spinal tissues (vertebrae, nerves, spinal disc, muscles and ligaments).

Do I have damage to my back? I just have PAIN!

If a person experiences mild to severe episodes of PAIN for two to three months, then there is a high probability of damage to their spinal tissue. Degenerated, bulging, protruding, or herniated spinal discs are examples of damaged tissues caused by the repetitive inflammatory process that produces PAIN.

The innovative SpineFIX Method can help you get back to doing the things you love, such as tennis, golf, and yoga, through a specialized recovery process.

Other neck and back pain programs are inefficient because the care and recovery process is fragmented. Patients try individual approaches at different times like exercise, rest, pain medication, massage or physical therapy at different stages of their pain. The SpineFix program puts the most effective non-surgical spine treatments under one roof so the patient benefits from a systematic coordination of care with our entire team communicating and working together to provide you with a specialized and efficient recovery process. By using a non-surgical approach, the patient can quickly return to living a pain free life.

Pain Relief Through a Focus on Function

Pain is a signal from the body that something is wrong. Either the back is too weak, too inflexible, something lifted was too heavy, or the wrong body mechanics were used. Too many times, however, well-intentioned doctors focus exclusively on pain symptoms and often recommend a course of treatment that is the exact opposite of what the individual needs to recover from their back problem. In other words, many doctors treat your pain and not the underlying problem that is causing your pain.

The SpineFIX is designed to relieve the cause and symptoms of pain by repairing pain-producing areas to restore strength to the spinal region. SpineFIX utilizes a new and unique approach to back strengthening exercises. Vertical Spine Exercises produce fast and effective results without the need to do painful and difficult abdominal core exercises like crunches or planks.

Our spine specialized doctor and therapists use customized, hands-on treatments to relieve pain symptoms, as well as introducing special vertical spine wall exercises to help make the back stronger, more flexible, and resistant to injury.

The SpineFIX Center is centrally located in Naples, convenient to Pine Ridge Road. This 3,000 square foot facility includes treatment suites, physio-therapy space, an x-ray facility, and the SpineMED Decompression Therapy area.


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