Who is a candidate for the SpineFIX treatment Program?
Patient selection is key to a successful outcome. Not all patients qualify or are accepted into our program. Each patient must meet specific criteria to be admitted into the program. Candidates qualify based upon one or more of the following criteria:

  • Having a documented medical problem related to the spine.
  • Suffering from a history of sub-acute or chronic pain and/or decreased function of 3 to 6 weeks duration or longer.
  • Having painful flare-ups of recurring problems.
  • Having experienced prior unsuccessful treatments.
  • Having been evaluated and cleared to begin the program.

Contraindications for this approach include:

  • Spinal tumor
  • Spinal infection
  • Pregnancy
  • Acute spinal fracture
  • Progressive neurological deficit
  • Caudal Equina Syndrome
  • Recent abdominal surgery

The SpineFIX Program Goals
The program goals for each patient are to eliminate or significantly reduce symptoms of pain and restore the health and function (strength, range of motion and flexibility) to the weakened areas of the spine. By accomplishing these goals, we can help patients enjoy a normal and active life free of pain.

How is The SpineFIX program different and better than other treatments?
The key to The SpineFIX is our unique approach. It combines technology and therapy with the experience of our team and doctors of chiropractic who treat back and neck pain exclusively.

Our technology specifically strengthens and rehabilitates the back, neck and surrounding areas of the spine through the full spinal range of motion. The SpineFIX treatment program is more effective than other treatments because it ends or significantly reduces pain and related symptoms by applying the most advanced non-surgical methods available. Our treatment program allows you to achieve pain relief because we create a unique plan for each patient that combines a variety of treatments during each appointment. Our goal is for every patient to be pain free and have restored strength and flexibility.

How long will it take for patients to experience improvement?
We know that because many patients have experienced their pain for so long and have been unsuccessful with other treatments, they may be skeptical or impatient. It is important for each patient beginning their SpineFIX treatment program to realize no two patients are the same, even though sharing similar symptoms or causes of pain. Some patients begin to feel and function better almost immediately, while others may actually feel a little worse before seeing major changes because we are working muscles with little or no prior treatment or exercise. Every patient is different. Many patients begin feeling better in their first few visits. Others may take a couple of weeks. By following the program guidelines closely, the majority of patients experience significant improvement by their 10th-12th visit.

Why restore strength to the spinal musculature?
Once the spinal muscles are rehabilitated, patients start using them during their activities of daily living, helping which helps to maintain the strength, range of motion and endurance achieved in our program.  Increasing the strength, range of motion and endurance of the back or neck enables us to end or significantly reduce a patient's pain and related symptoms. By improving the integrity of structural and functional tissues that have degenerated, we can improve pain syndromes.

Are post-surgical patients good candidates?
Yes. Decreased mobility from loss of motion is a primary indicator of functional disability following an acute injury, surgery, or long standing chronic condition.

It is crucial that a rehabilitative process be employed that can directly utilize the affected area in order to begin the healing process as early as possible. If mobilization is employed at the onset of injury or at the earliest stage possible, the healing of soft tissues of the spine will be enhanced and functional restoration will result.

The benefits of The SpineFIX program in the healing process is defined as follows:

  • Early mobilization
  • Pain reduction
  • Minimization of fibrous adhesions and contractures
  • Linear scar formation
  • Increased range-of-motion
  • Shortened recovery time
  • Reduced chronic pain
  • Reduced psychological barriers to recovery

Our individualized rehabilitation program involves the following schedule:

  • The patient should come for rehabilitation three times per week for one month.
  • After the 10th-12th visit, there will be a re-evaluation meeting to make sure the patient is progressing accordingly.
  • The entire program typically consists of three weekly sessions for 6-8 weeks. A patient will usually plateau, or reach maximum functioning level, between the 18th and 24th rehabilitation session.
  • Upon reaching his maximum functioning level, the patient will be discharged from active care.

What are the specific advantages for patients receiving The SpineFIX compared to other therapies or providers?
Our high level of success provides patients with minimal time investment and ends previous frustration of not being able relieve their pain. By providing this level of relief, The SpineFIX is able to improve the quality of your life.

Additional advantages of The SpineFIX include:

  • It is safe and cost effective (dozens of insurances accepted)
  • The location is convenient
  • It is accessible six days a week

How long before I see results from The SpineFIX Treatment Program?
That depends on a number of factors, such as the severity of the problem and most importantly, the compliance with the treatment plan and home exercise program from our Back School Class. In general, The SpineFIX Treatment Program, with our multifaceted approach, produces much faster results than most uni-dimensional treatments. Patients receive 3 to 4 sessions per week for a total of 10 to 12 sessions. At the end of this time, a re-evaluation is performed to determine how the condition is responding to the The SpineFIX Treatment Program. In addition, the patient must report a decreased intensity and frequency of pain in order to continue with the program.

Does everyone respond and get well with the program?
Over the past two decades we have helped thousands of people whose pain drastically affected their quality of life, to find relief from their discomfort. We have benefited people who thought there was no hope left in relieving their pain. It is our mission to focus on providing relief and positive results at each visit, This is every staff member’s goal, but unfortunately not everyone makes the progress we desire. We do schedule regular follow-up visits with all our patients in order to closely monitor their progress. If it seems you are not advancing as quickly as we would expect, we may make changes to the treatment plan, recommend further testing, or refer you to a specialist with whom we closely work with. While we cannot predict how quickly a patient will respond, if you are accepted as a patient in our office, we do expect progress, and will not allow treatment to continue indefinitely if we are not seeing that improvement.

What can I expect on the first visit?
Upon entering The SpineFIX Center, one of our friendly and professional staff members will provide you with a small amount of paperwork to complete, if you have not already downloaded it from our website. These initial forms will provide the doctor with important information about your problem. This usually takes 15-20 minutes. You will meet with the doctor for a consultation, health history, examination and X-rays (if necessary) to determine the nature of your problem. Prior MRI studies are important to bring with you. The doctor will then recommend the best course of treatment for your condition. Some patients will be able to start on the same day. Additionally, on the first visit you can expect to meet with a staff member who will briefly review your insurance coverage (if applicable) and explain what your specific financial responsibility will be.

What do I need to avoid while on The SpineFIX Treatment Program?
You will be provided with a handbook that describes which activities to avoid and which ones are permissible. We also have a Back School class that all our patients are encouraged to attend in order to ensure that they are knowledgeable about their back. It provides an understanding of the dos and don’ts of proper back care. Most importantly, you must make your treatment sessions a priority.

How much time will each session require?
Your first visit is obviously longer than most because of initial new patient paperwork, the consultation, examination, x-rays (as necessary), a report of the findings, and development of your specific treatment plan. Please allow 60 to 70 minutes for the initial visit. During subsequent appointments, we will try and keep the length of your visit between 30 to 60 minutes. Every effort will be made to respect your time and keep your visit and wait to a minimum.

How Does Your Back/Neck Heal?
There are three phases of care that the body goes through to heal any back or neck pain.

The first phase of healing is the INFLAMMATORY phase. During this phase the most important thing to do is control and decrease the inflammation to avoid further irritation to the area.

The second phase is the REPAIR AND REGENERATE phase of healing. The most important thing to do during this phase is to increase the spinal range of motion using hands-on therapies that heal and increase flexibility and strength.

The third phase of healing occurs when tissue is REMODELING. The only way that the body can complete this healing process is by performing specific exercises geared toward building strength and endurance through safe ranges of joint motion. This will allow the spine to heal with strength, balance and stability and be less prone to re-injury.